Quality holds main importance for us and that is why we co-operate with such companies as Meffert AG, KAEM, Wkret-met, NMC.

FEIDAL (manufactured by Meffert AG) is German paints brand, which is the highest quality and ecofriendly paints for inside and as well outside works.

NMC is Belgian company, which is spread all around the world and produces the highest quality building materials for decorating a residential, office, hotel, bar or restaurant.

KAEM is leader in central Europe over 25 years and is the largest supplier of construction and furnishing materials! Its brands are HARDY - painting accessories, SCLEY - repairing tapes and Küssner - surface facing tools.

Wkret-met is Polish company, which produces the highest quality clip accessories for building and renovations. The production of Wkret-met complies with EU standards and requirements, confirming many certificates obtained from the strictest examination and testing of these products.